Pain free stretching & tennis-specific warm up

Incorporating stretching into your daily tennis routine


Start with my go to dynamic stretch & warm up prior to playing tennis:


Arm dynamics & rotator cuffs (10 reps/each)

Circles, crosses, up/downs, pushes & rotator cuffs

Tennis-specific endurance

20-second jog followed immediately by a 10 second sprint

Repeat 5-8 times

Rest 1 min.

Forward, back, left, right (FBLR) agility

Find a spot, start & stay in a low athletic stance until finish

Follow pattern for up to 1 minute at a moderate pace with racket in hand


1 min.

End off with the following stretch immediately after play


Key points to remember


  • Inhale deeply then Exhale as you stretch
  • Hold stretch for 15-30 seconds
  • Repeat 2-3 times
  • You should feel no pain
  • Do not lock joints & do not bounce
  • Stretch large muscles first  


 Inverted hamstring stretch

Improves flexibility & balance in hamstrings & gluteal muscles

  • Shift weight & establish a base of support on one leg with knee slightly bent
  • Hinge at the hip and bend forward until you feel stretch in hamstrings of standing leg
  • Avoid twisting & maintain straight back– elevate opposite leg behind you with arms extended out to side and hold for 2 seconds
  • Slowly lower elevated leg back to starting position & repeat movement on opposite leg



Enjoy! Please also take note of the FITNESS CALENDAR.