Club Rules


All members (defined as adults and juniors) and guests will abide by the following:

  1. Adhere to the Member Code of Conduct as outlined below.
  2. Adhere to the Court Change Procedures / Duration of Play procedures posted at the club.
  3. Consumption of alcohol or non-prescription narcotics is prohibited on club property.
  4. The use of courts for ANY purpose other than tennis or related activities is strictly prohibited. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, the playing of hockey, rollerblading and dog-walking etc.,
  5. Damage to Club property and equipment is prohibited.
  6. Only the Club Pro and his staff are authorized to conduct tennis lessons during Club hours. However the Board of Directors may also authorize other instructors, from time to time, to conduct specific events during Club hours.
  7. No more than three (3) tennis balls should be in play on any one court except the following exceptions:
    • Authorized tennis lessons discussed in #4, group lessons and kids camps.
    • The use of a ball hopper is permitted only on Court#3 (with the curtain drawn)
    • Ball machines are not permitted on club grounds.
  8. Each member should undertake to draw to the attention of the Club Manager, Club Monitor or Club Pros. If the matter has not been satisfactorily resolved, members shall report the matter to the Board of Directors.

Dress Code

All members and their guests must wear:

  1. Proper tennis attire on the courts at all times;
  2. Proper tennis appropriate footwear (rubber-soled non-marking footwear); and
  3. Members must affix a current shoe tag on footwear at all times. Members without a current shoe tag will not be allowed access to courts.

While it is not practical to list all restrictions, members are expected to exercise good judgment.

Members that are in violation of the Club’s dress code may be asked to vacate the court. Continued non-compliance may result in member sanctions that include expulsion.

Member Code of Conduct

A member’s code of conduct shall be governed based on the principles of Courtesy and Respect and Sportsmanship. Members shall be respectful to residents of the neighborhood, members, guests and staff. Violence, foul language and throwing tennis rackets will not be tolerated.

  1. When entering or leaving a court, players should wait for a break in play before passing behind the serving line of another court to get to their court. They should then proceed quickly to their court.
  2. Return balls promptly and quietly in the direction of the player who has lost them.
  3. Ask for the return of balls quietly and politely at the proper moment, not while a ball is in play.
  4. On leaving a court, players should collect all tennis balls in use and leave them at the net if players are coming onto the court, or placing them in the clubhouse if all other courts are empty.
  5. Members are required to relinquish the court when due.
  6. As a courtesy, the incoming party should allow the vacating players to finish the point. The vacating players should not expect to finish the game unless the courtesy is expressly granted by the incoming players.
  7. Members should use the walkway outside the court area to go between the clubhouse and the waiting area.

In the case of disputes, players shall respect the decision of the Club Manager, Court Monitor, Club Pro or Directors. Club Staff and Directors shall first identify themselves and remind the member or guest of the Club rules. In their absence, members should err on the side of courtesy.